AstroDrip: Houston

23-Noy, 2018
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Gunna takes AstroWorld with Travis Scott, Trippie Red, & Sheck Wes this Fall.
Take a look into the #AstroDrip and experience it in a city near you:
📹: John Patrick

  • My song

    Astro DripAstro Drip4 oy oldin
  • damn houston sooooooo lit

    Wesley DassWesley DassYil oldin
  • What’s the song at 0:52?

    MajorGodddMajorGodddYil oldin
  • 0:19 name ?

    Gabriel LópezGabriel LópezYil oldin
  • Who ever was there knows gunna didn’t kill his set

    ItsYoBoyJerom 23ItsYoBoyJerom 23Yil oldin
  • That water metro threw hit me right in the face, right on the barricade 🙌

    Vance ValleVance ValleYil oldin
  • N!ce

  • we need a collab tape called AstroDrip ASAPPPPPPP

    Shane TShane TYil oldin
  • 1:17 FOSTAA

    Mason SMason SYil oldin
  • Gunna stays flowing on beats💯💯

    nolimitishnolimitishYil oldin
  • Gunna put on a great performance.

    Austin LayerAustin LayerYil oldin
  • My dream is to go to one of his shows one day 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Aleecia PritchardAleecia PritchardYil oldin
  • Fuck Travis I just wanna See Gunna

    Alfredo TaylorAlfredo TaylorYil oldin
  • 2019 anyone?

    Keanu ReevesKeanu ReevesYil oldin
  • man no one throwing creds to who created this dope ass vid. s/o john patrick! the edits & camerawork is dope on here! 💭

    yung basayung basaYil oldin
  • Editing is dope af

    Brian HaydelBrian HaydelYil oldin

    streetschemestreetschemeYil oldin
  • I was there...Astroworld made history that day 🔥

    Tony SnowTony SnowYil oldin
  • |FREE| Lil Baby x Gunna TYPE BEAT 🔥

    EinJungeEinJungeYil oldin
  • What song is that at 0:56?

    David BrendliDavid BrendliYil oldin
    • Nevermind

      David BrendliDavid BrendliYil oldin
  • You inspire me to keep making music.. Thank you 🖤🖤🎶🎶🎶

    Asurah.xAsurah.xYil oldin
  • ChippDaFamous “Mosphit” Finally Dropped💧 RRL Inc.❄️🎷💧Listen In!!’

    ChippzChippz2 yil oldin
  • this video so fuvking dope!!

    TheBrownKid23TheBrownKid232 yil oldin
  • Why is Yosemite not in this video?

    Oluwayomi BalogunOluwayomi Balogun2 yil oldin

    VVS ChoppsVVS Chopps2 yil oldin
  • pls drop the whole show

    JSPRJSPR2 yil oldin

    🦅 💨𝔇𝔬𝔢 𝔅𝔬𝔶 🦅💨🦅 💨𝔇𝔬𝔢 𝔅𝔬𝔶 🦅💨2 yil oldin
  • this music video is fire

    Noah TrapolinoNoah Trapolino2 yil oldin
  • This Lil Baby guy is lit!

    Armaan SalahuddinArmaan Salahuddin2 yil oldin
  • I need that version of sicko mode like now

    G RG R2 yil oldin
  • Name of first song he performed before drip or drown?

    Jama ScottJama Scott2 yil oldin
    • @James Ware thanks

      Jama ScottJama Scott2 yil oldin
    • Space Cadet off Metro Boomin’s new album

      James WareJames Ware2 yil oldin
    • ya

      Ian GouldIan Gould2 yil oldin
  • Houston culture something else

    Jorge RodriguezJorge Rodriguez2 yil oldin
  • What track is Gunna performing at 0:49?

    HugoHugo2 yil oldin
    • @Gigi Dominguez Thanks girl

      HugoHugo2 yil oldin
    • HugoSNM King Kong by gunna

      Gigi DominguezGigi Dominguez2 yil oldin
  • 0:48 what song?

    NAMSNAMS2 yil oldin
    • NAMS King Kong by gunna

      Gigi DominguezGigi Dominguez2 yil oldin
  • How I get high from this video

    Tyler WilliamsTyler Williams2 yil oldin
  • Whats the song at 0 : 53??

    shivom simhalshivom simhal2 yil oldin
    • shivom simhal king kong

      James WareJames Ware2 yil oldin
  • God bless us with a Travis and Gunna album please.... #AstroDrip 🙏🙏🙌

    Sheeler LSheeler L2 yil oldin
  • That bih LIT, crowd goin fukn NUTZ🤩🤩🤩

    Dev A1Dev A12 yil oldin
  • So dope

    Sean CorkerySean Corkery2 yil oldin
  • What’s the song at 0:58 ??

    OG NiggatronOG Niggatron2 yil oldin
    • OG Niggatron Sold Out Dates

      James WareJames Ware2 yil oldin
  • This video was edited so well. I gotta run it back

    Josh ClementsJosh Clements2 yil oldin
  • yoo the slowed down sicko mode tho

    Kye BensonKye Benson2 yil oldin
    • Romae fr that shit was nice af

      Jaden DiazJaden Diaz2 yil oldin
  • What’s the first song they start singing ?

    Aisha MooreAisha Moore2 yil oldin
    • Aisha Moore Space Cadet

      James WareJames Ware2 yil oldin
  • The slowed down version of Drake in sicko mode is a masterpiece

    a nn c terriblea nn c terrible2 yil oldin
  • Song at 1:15

    Lasse BiedeLasse Biede2 yil oldin
    • Lasse Biede sold out dates

      Gigi DominguezGigi Dominguez2 yil oldin
  • Sold out dates will forever be Gunnas most iconic track

    The lonely blue WhaleThe lonely blue Whale2 yil oldin
  • Living the American dream

    Brian 316Brian 3162 yil oldin

    hoodedknight360hoodedknight3602 yil oldin
  • Subscribe to me

    D1i3e3g1oD1i3e3g1o2 yil oldin
  • This video is fucking sick!!

    BankableSwineBankableSwine2 yil oldin
  • The nigga gunna must never sleep

    Tuck McGeeTuck McGee2 yil oldin
  • that chop and screw of drakes verse at the end of the vid was fuckin heat. I wanna hear that version

    BlackEnded TurfBlackEnded Turf2 yil oldin
    • fly later It’s on my channel fam

      VVS ChoppsVVS Chopps2 yil oldin
  • thank you for blessin us!

    iiisoiiiso2 yil oldin
  • Who know all tracks, please?)

    Сергей ИгнатовСергей Игнатов2 yil oldin
  • Thugger soo proud of u

    Pain LessPain Less2 yil oldin
  • What slatt means

    jack hummiltonjack hummilton2 yil oldin
  • name of the first song pllllllllllz

    mouad aitmouad ait2 yil oldin
    • pixel officiel Space Cadet

      James WareJames Ware2 yil oldin
  • wish i could go back to astroworld!!

    breezbreez2 yil oldin
  • what’s that 3rd song

    Angel DeJesusAngel DeJesus2 yil oldin
  • Astrodrip harder

    Nelson GrayNelson Gray2 yil oldin
  • gunna always have gay guitar beats , shit is getting played ill listen to rock if i wanna hear gay rock beats

    JP LandscapingJP Landscaping2 yil oldin

    Vivid LucidityVivid Lucidity2 yil oldin
  • 🖤🐍🖤

    Elyse ValdezElyse Valdez2 yil oldin

    fidle stickfidle stick2 yil oldin
  • can someone give me all the songs of this video please ?

    SkarlSkarl2 yil oldin
  • ovofest > astroworld astroworld still lit tho

    Hamza ShahzadHamza Shahzad2 yil oldin
    • Weird flex, but okay

      IAmLegend561IAmLegend5612 yil oldin
  • Ty

    Joe RoganJoe Rogan2 yil oldin
  • fireeeee

    CordsCords2 yil oldin
  • Gunna for xxl?

    Jay DanielJay Daniel2 yil oldin
  • This video is soooo FUCKING HARD

    Adam NehalAdam Nehal2 yil oldin
  • s/o dooleyfilms

    soundssounds2 yil oldin
  • Dripped too hard.

    ee2 yil oldin
  • Shout out JohnPatrickMedia sheesh!

    Sneaky PSneaky P2 yil oldin
  • this shit was cute

    Fernando CorderoFernando Cordero2 yil oldin

    Parker LeeParker Lee2 yil oldin
  • I knew 2018 was Gunnas year ever since I heard Sold Out Dates

    Broskii BeatsBroskii Beats2 yil oldin
  • Can someone list all the gunna song that has been played in here please

    Brice CompaoreBrice Compaore2 yil oldin
    • @Dyenaan Dapoet Thanks G, be blessed

      Brice CompaoreBrice Compaore2 yil oldin
    • 0:20 Space Cadet 0:30 Drip or Drown 0:51 Top Off 1:00 Sold Out Dates

      Dyenaan DapoetDyenaan Dapoet2 yil oldin
  • what's the first song?

    dariyoondariyoon2 yil oldin
  • My boy Taurus the DJ tho 😈 Central producing greatness.

    Stoney BabyStoney Baby2 yil oldin
  • What’s the name of the first song in the video

    Javon BrownJavon Brown2 yil oldin
  • Gunna Gunna

    Princewill AguelePrincewill Aguele2 yil oldin
  • @2:00 Who made this chop and where can I listen to it ?

    NiBonesNiBones2 yil oldin
    • VVS Chopps bless your heart

      Gigi DominguezGigi Dominguez2 yil oldin
    • NiBones I made it fam, the full version is on my channel

      VVS ChoppsVVS Chopps2 yil oldin
    • NiBones nah but really I need to know

      Gigi DominguezGigi Dominguez2 yil oldin
  • 3 more weeks!!!!! 🙌🏻😫😭😱🤮

    Marco MartinezMarco Martinez2 yil oldin
  • Atleast shoutout the dude footage yall took it from

    KhongKhong2 yil oldin
  • don't stop with this fckn videos tour plzzzzzzzzz

    Pedro PedrinhoPedro Pedrinho2 yil oldin
  • Literally missed your performance getting merch, this the closest I’m gettin to it

    Brendin IBrendin I2 yil oldin
  • Lil baby and gunna got 2019 under their belts faxx Keep it up💪🏽

    22Thvr22Thvr2 yil oldin

    Santone MuzicSantone Muzic2 yil oldin
  • Whats the name of the first song?

    Re-Angelo JarvisRe-Angelo Jarvis2 yil oldin
    • Re-Angelo Jarvis space cadet

      k tk t2 yil oldin

    EdgexEdgex2 yil oldin
  • whats the song in 1:12 ?

    BlackjohnBlackjohn2 yil oldin
    • @yandiswa 書 appreciate for answering dude

      BlackjohnBlackjohn2 yil oldin
    • Gunna - Sold Out Dates Ft Lil Baby 🔥

      yandiswa 書yandiswa 書2 yil oldin
  • Gunna don’t stop doing these vids

    Sanath BoddhulaSanath Boddhula2 yil oldin
  • Thats my dream right there, im happy for you gunna, u deserve it!

    Aka RastaAka Rasta2 yil oldin
    • Você é brabo Aka,Vai ser muito grande ainda !!!!

      lorshawSIXlorshawSIX2 yil oldin
  • I fuks with gunna😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😎

    China BlakkChina Blakk2 yil oldin
  • Gunna came up and DRIPPED all Htown with his sound...THE COME UP

    LeBeautifulLeBeautiful2 yil oldin
  • my nigga Gunna in H Tyne 🤘💯🚀 aye Drip Or Drown aye

    Ro 2Ro 22 yil oldin
  • Gunna a goat

    MTZ AntMTZ Ant2 yil oldin
  • Gunna will be big af in 2019

    SleepyAKSleepyAK2 yil oldin
  • Yooo, what is the first song in the video???

    Emil LarsenEmil Larsen2 yil oldin
    • @k t thanks g!

      Emil LarsenEmil Larsen2 yil oldin
    • Emil Larsen space cadet

      k tk t2 yil oldin
  • 💧💧💧

    Dro On The TrackDro On The Track2 yil oldin