Drip Or Drown 2: Who You Foolin

28-Fev, 2019
145 051 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • U need to make this kind of music more!!!!!!

    Valencia GorethaValencia Goretha4 oy oldin
  • I love this guy so much, he deserves everything he wants... FR.

    Alexia BuenrostroAlexia Buenrostro4 oy oldin
  • That beat so special

    Nautikient21Nautikient216 oy oldin
  • When i hear the beat i wanna go fight a samurai

    Anime DudeAnime Dude9 oy oldin
  • samurai champloo

    PepitoooPepitoooYil oldin
  • WHO YOU FOOLIN PIANO COVER 🎹🐍🔥🉐 uzworld.info/player/video/amaYbLSZYJjMiGs

    Mawty MawMawty MawYil oldin
  • When you coming to Atlanta, best believe imma come out to the show. Shit do it with YOUNG NUDY, and lil baby. Omg

    GleazyGleazyYil oldin
  • Best song on the album fasho ‼️

    Kaashy JaeKaashy JaeYil oldin
  • Shit hits everytime no cap

    mrscootervidsmrscootervidsYil oldin
  • Asian nixxas must’ve went bonkers when they heard this one

    Mattdza_Mattdza_Yil oldin
  • Fuck ppls who dislikes this video

    Fernando GonzalezFernando GonzalezYil oldin
  • Beat is a sample from the movie “Kung Fu Hustle “ with the harpist fighting scene . I like what he did with it ✊🏽

    yungbat23yungbat23Yil oldin
    • yungbat23 soundcloud.com/swagghitsent/independant-fuck-a-label

      Mondrae JohnsonMondrae JohnsonYil oldin
  • 😍 his voice is just so soothing yo

    Bourgeois BranBourgeois BranYil oldin
    • Soothing yea don’t sound to original say something else

      Samson GirmaSamson GirmaYil oldin
  • Low key best rapper 🥶

    Garry DuncanGarry DuncanYil oldin
  • GUNNA!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Floco 803.Floco 803.Yil oldin
  • 🐐🐐😩

    Gregory PastorGregory PastorYil oldin
  • Who took that drip always cross da board. 2Do Maybach shud've Cam wit sum starrs I Still dothis Shit I DON'T get NO AWARD AYEE.

    LaNell PerkinsLaNell PerkinsYil oldin
  • i really wanna be friends with him. he seems so chill.

    Amaya MukadamAmaya MukadamYil oldin
  • Runn Daaat Bacc Turrbo 🤮🔥

    Brian •Brian •Yil oldin
  • Mane gunna ain’t like any of these other rappers.

    Slatt_ JayySlatt_ JayyYil oldin
  • I be flossin ain’t talm bout my teeth ✅

    Anthony WoodhouseAnthony WoodhouseYil oldin
  • Am I'm the only one tripping cuz I thought you going to was a blood what's going on

    Big boss recordBig boss recordYil oldin
  • Gunnaaa🤩

    Kyonna FordKyonna FordYil oldin
  • Woook to fye ⚡️🎃 love ❤️ this song

    Keep GuessingKeep GuessingYil oldin
  • My favorite song off the album

    Tommy MasonTommy MasonYil oldin
  • I can't imagine the music videos for half of the album not involving some anime scenes 🔥🔥🔥 Edit: Shout out Wheezy and Turbo too From da 🇬🇧

    • tmoney soundcloud.com/swagghitsent/independant-fuck-a-label

      Mondrae JohnsonMondrae JohnsonYil oldin
  • 😎😎

    LV sosaLV sosaYil oldin
  • This shit took me to Japan

    Asanda XuluAsanda XuluYil oldin
  • Do a music video

    Danwill WilliamsDanwill WilliamsYil oldin
  • beat is insane

    CaasiCaasiYil oldin
  • It’s undisputed! Gunna never made a bad song

    KryptydeKryptydeYil oldin
  • Got the official instrumental on my page for anyone looking to remix this 🖤

    LottoRedLottoRedYil oldin
  • Say wats good GUNNA crock pot head ass...tree stomp wit dreads lookn ass nigga..lol...IM FUCKN WIT DAT MUSIC THOUGH MY GUY

    JUNGLE BookBluJUNGLE BookBluYil oldin
  • Dis nigga the best rapper alive he crazy asf that beat hard af

    Baddie BaddieBaddie BaddieYil oldin
  • Beautiful beat.

    theultimateromtheultimateromYil oldin
  • May 1st Charlotte I’m in there

    It’s SHOtimeQIt’s SHOtimeQYil oldin
  • gunna you god dam GOAT

  • One of my favorite songs off the albums GUNNA going to be be one of the greatest soon😪👀🤔

    Joe Garza IIIJoe Garza IIIYil oldin
  • This beat 💣

    Lea von OppersdorffLea von OppersdorffYil oldin

    562 VQcoupe562 VQcoupeYil oldin
    • Like 5000000th aweeke

      Emilio SotoEmilio SotoYil oldin
  • This Beat took me back to Ming Dynasty

    G RealG RealYil oldin
  • Bitch u got drip or drown from tsf tho n u know it

    YuSoQtYuSoQtYil oldin
  • BosstrueyFilms SUBSCRIBE to My UZworld Channel ! 4k Camera Coming Soon

    True VisualsTrue VisualsYil oldin
  • Whoever is reading this, i genuinely hope your day is going great :-) As a young beatmaker from Paris, I post type beats if anyone is kind enough to give me a chance ❤️ if not then it’s ok btw i loved the beat! keep grinding 🔥🔥

    QuasarQuasarYil oldin
  • Sometimes a gangsta need a hug hardest bar on da tape 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    Giant 4EvGiant 4EvYil oldin
  • "just like how he trap or die I drip or drown."Damn he just said some shit right there

    Jordan SmithJordan SmithYil oldin
  • i did not understand one word that came out this mans mouth. love you gunna slatt ! +^**

    anonymous666anonymous666Yil oldin
  • U a dub and I know u feel ashamed

    Nour MireNour MireYil oldin
  • you fooled us thought this was music video

    Pushers And PeddlersPushers And PeddlersYil oldin
  • His music is awesome and mad chill

    William ChretienWilliam ChretienYil oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/raDJh7iCqdeYooA

    jugga flamejugga flameYil oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/haSZr9Geqdq1o4Q

    jugga flamejugga flameYil oldin
  • wish Gunna showed the instrument

    vitamin yivitamin yiYil oldin
  • This song melts 💚🐍🌊🐍🌊

    Wrld CreātrWrld CreātrYil oldin
  • “Idk why” hardest track on there

    Akeem SluggaAkeem SluggaYil oldin
  • I legit love gunna sm like definitely the most hard working rapper out there

    Skyler RennickSkyler RennickYil oldin
    • Hddhdjh dhdhdhdj i feel you. He my fav rapper rn

      562 VQcoupe562 VQcoupeYil oldin
  • Fan of Gunna? Click the link below for some new 🔥! uzworld.info/player/video/aW3ajZCtf7mSqao

    BWILLBWILLYil oldin
  • soundcloud.com/whatevergwans/on-top-like-cilantro

    Edward MaciasEdward MaciasYil oldin
  • Gunna Goat

    Soulja Witches luv bad hoezSoulja Witches luv bad hoezYil oldin
  • On some Japanese ish... 🔥

    Marqxavier WilliamsMarqxavier WilliamsYil oldin
    • Marqxavier Williams nah...this’s Chinese traditional music

      Next WeekendNext WeekendYil oldin
  • 🔥

    amia munozamia munozYil oldin
  • What’s the first song playing?

    JL SmooothJL SmooothYil oldin
  • best song GUNNA THE MF GOAT!!!!

    ODJ T.VODJ T.VYil oldin
  • *I Was A Fan But Now I'ma Air Conditioner*

    Cmc JoccCmc JoccYil oldin
  • Bruh I thought this was the fucking video wtfff🤬🤬

    J FactsJ FactsYil oldin
  • Dope album !!!!!!! Collab plz

    Григорий ВиноградовГригорий ВиноградовYil oldin
  • Global

    S.D.W.J WORLD OfficialS.D.W.J WORLD OfficialYil oldin
  • We dripping

    S.D.W.J WORLD OfficialS.D.W.J WORLD OfficialYil oldin
  • Who’s feeling the Asian vibe 😍😍 , but love it 😍

    Lizzy JamesLizzy JamesYil oldin
  • Love type chaina🤑💚🐍

    Jhoel PinaresJhoel PinaresYil oldin
  • Someone hop on my beats and lets make some hits 💯

    EinJungeEinJungeYil oldin
  • BEAT too Krazy (@serari_beats)

    27 727 7Yil oldin
  • This beat on some goated shit

    Nour MireNour MireYil oldin
  • Volume 🔊☝️🆙 BASS☝️🆙🔊🔊🔊 This the best song on the album I can't stop listening to this on repeat, it doesn't get old after 20 times

    GraphluidGraphluidYil oldin
  • no cap

    Dan VlogDan VlogYil oldin
  • Gunna you the 🐐🐐🐐 NO CAP

    ApollosApollosYil oldin
  • & the Bentley all white like a dove 🕊 💧

    ASAP WaveASAP WaveYil oldin
  • Project sucked. Tf you talking about?

    WillWillYil oldin

    drippygoyarddrippygoyardYil oldin
  • Young gunna wunna u know u in trouble

    Isaiah GreenIsaiah GreenYil oldin
  • Legendary song

    La FlexacoLa FlexacoYil oldin
  • Waiting for you in San Antonio

    Adriel ChapaAdriel ChapaYil oldin
  • Make a visual for Out the hood 🏃🏽‍♀️

    Lindsy & SlimeLindsy & SlimeYil oldin
  • Kicked her out told her walk to the bus... i definitely want to see one for every song

    Lindsy & SlimeLindsy & SlimeYil oldin
  • Gunnaa

    Lindsy & SlimeLindsy & SlimeYil oldin
  • Gunna

    Lindsy & SlimeLindsy & SlimeYil oldin
  • This beat I swear it’s from naruto like a remix

    KappaKappaYil oldin
  • This beat!

    nmbr4 lizardnmbr4 lizardYil oldin
  • best beat of all time dont at me

    Sayan AndrewsSayan AndrewsYil oldin
  • Beat feels like it can be in a Black Japanese Fighting movie.💯🔥😂

    D LitD LitYil oldin
    • D Lit nigga this shit is chinese

      Čistač Etničkih ManjinaČistač Etničkih Manjina9 oy oldin
  • Chinese beat go hard no cap 💯💪

    andrestuntandrestuntYil oldin
  • I still talk to the Lord on my knees! Thanking him for all of my needs! 🔥

    JamariJamariYil oldin
  • Vibe vibe vibessss

    Xxx DheDheDhe4XXxx DheDheDhe4XYil oldin
  • Like this if GUNNA better than 6ix9ine

    Juice 4Juice 4Yil oldin
  • Anyone else hoping gunna would say the beat feel like anime type vibe?

    marcus taylormarcus taylorYil oldin
  • Real Brazilian fans

    悲しいBrenno悲しいBrennoYil oldin
  • 🐐

    Patrick PowellPatrick PowellYil oldin
  • 🤧❗️🐍Drip Or Drown 2 🔥idk wtf Y’all niggas talking about the only 2 songs on the album idfw is “ Speed it Up “ And That Song With PlayBoi Carti

    Chris SloanChris SloanYil oldin
  • Gunna documentary coming soon?

    RussRussYil oldin
  • Notification gang 🔥🔥

    Grant CanadayGrant CanadayYil oldin