Gunna - Big Shot [Jimmy Kimmel Live]

29-Mar, 2019
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    Brayden The ArtmanBrayden The ArtmanOy oldin
  • Aaaa I like the shit

    FrostyPepper346 Vlogs And crazy TikTokFrostyPepper346 Vlogs And crazy TikTokYil oldin
  • 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Kodjo GanKodjo GanYil oldin
  • Boring

    Nike TaeNike TaeYil oldin
    • Deonte Washington boy what’s wrong with you

      FrostyPepper346 Vlogs And crazy TikTokFrostyPepper346 Vlogs And crazy TikTokYil oldin
  • Gunna you must drip in Kenya, Africa!🤑🤢

    festus onyanchafestus onyanchaYil oldin
  • Gunna a legend

    Cameron BoehlkeCameron BoehlkeYil oldin
  • happy birthday gunna make all your wishes come true cuz i love ya lil cuz from your big cuz lil ronnie😘😘😘

    moesha Campbellmoesha CampbellYil oldin
  • This my favorite song on DoD2, ....sike all the songs on DoD2 are my Favorite

    Brian JoshuaBrian JoshuaYil oldin

    Mistinzack BeatsMistinzack BeatsYil oldin
  • He's sparkling

    Arun JamesArun JamesYil oldin
  • Go listen my songs on my channel

    Lil jayU7 MusiqLil jayU7 MusiqYil oldin
  • 💯

    Demoney .DDemoney .DYil oldin
  • Gunna dressing like young thug now 💫

    Mr.MajestyMr.MajestyYil oldin
  • Gunna looks like a Boston terrier

    Tristin GarciaTristin GarciaYil oldin
  • Gunna Gunna ERUPTED 🔥🌋

    Zip MollyZip MollyYil oldin
  • I fw gunna heavy but this performance was straight awkward no cap

    Harjap SinghHarjap SinghYil oldin
  • Gunna😭🥰🐍

    Mohamed BelloMohamed BelloYil oldin
  • This shit boring as hell

    Shanelle AmelShanelle AmelYil oldin
  • I would’ve payed to see can’t leave without it live with all 3 of them.

    MeloDrippyMeloDrippyYil oldin
  • didnt pay crowd no attention lol

    Westside JamesWestside JamesYil oldin
  • Hot artiste why pree Jamaica the ting up top braff

    art10tik musikart10tik musikYil oldin
  • gunna gunna ya dig dat

    TroopahDaCrunkstaTroopahDaCrunkstaYil oldin
  • gunna making the best music right now

    Will MosleyWill MosleyYil oldin
  • Dryest ass performance but he drippin tho 😭

    Brandon WilsonBrandon WilsonYil oldin
  • What are those jeans called?

    Lamar MorrisLamar MorrisYil oldin

    こんにちは AEMXD ABAこんにちは AEMXD ABAYil oldin
  • He sounded horrible n the guy was nervous af

    Ba32808Ba32808Yil oldin
  • like por el final

    Dayanna OrozcoDayanna OrozcoYil oldin
  • gunna you kinda fat i cant see you running to the bank

    Sayan AndrewsSayan AndrewsYil oldin
  • Hey i really wish you could take a minute to read this. I am 17 and i have a dream to be one of the best hip hop producers in the industry but to do so i really need some support as well as some feedback.

    NickTheGrit BeatzNickTheGrit BeatzYil oldin
    • they are fye bro

      ripitup 999ripitup 999Yil oldin
  • He’s good at sitting on the couch. This sucks ass

    ScottymaczaydaScottymaczaydaYil oldin
  • 😍 he so unique

    Red B0neRed B0neYil oldin
  • Should preform Yao Ming

    Anthony TrujilloAnthony TrujilloYil oldin
  • The animation at the end crazy dope Gunna kills

  • You Can Just Call Him The D R I P L O R D 🐍💧🤮

    Justin BillingsleaJustin BillingsleaYil oldin
  • I jus don’t like this song but I fucks wit drip god

    OB TuckOB TuckYil oldin
  • Gunna 🔥

    Diego BritoDiego BritoYil oldin
  • He’s an excellent artist and currently the hottest in the game but he should’ve performed Who You Foolin

    awtrace87awtrace87Yil oldin
  • 💚🐍

    Wrld CreātrWrld CreātrYil oldin
  • Jimmy Kimmel with the slaps

    CaneloCaneloYil oldin
  • Proud of you 💫

    bratbratYil oldin
  • 🖤

    bratbratYil oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Knsp KKnsp KYil oldin
  • I'ma huge huge gunna fan but this is bad😬

    Kory LewisKory LewisYil oldin
  • Check boi out 💯💪🏽

    Nacho _Nacho _Yil oldin
  • Everything you drop be 🔥...many blessings

    Amonte KingAmonte KingYil oldin
  • I fuck wit Gunna cuz he can be off a pint of lean and still act cool calm and collected, and his music slap🚫🧢

    Mike Lil GuapoMike Lil GuapoYil oldin
  • i fuck w gunna to hard, bless up

    Victoria NascimentoVictoria NascimentoYil oldin
  • Gunna the goat

    penguinbruceleepenguinbruceleeYil oldin
  • salute die beat

    TurnedUp YokulaTurnedUp YokulaYil oldin
  • he brought the whole vibe to the stage

    Kana BeatsKana BeatsYil oldin
  • Y’all picking bad songs lmao.. baby birkin should’ve been performs tf y’all mean

    Jacob OrtegaJacob OrtegaYil oldin
  • He even sounds lit live unlike most people who use autotune

    Mazza MusicMazza MusicYil oldin
  • Why he perform this song

    Callah RajiCallah RajiYil oldin
    • Because it slaps like a pimp on his birthday

      Big LarryBig Larry8 oy oldin
    • small amount of swear words same reason they chose it for NBA 2k 20

      Adam JiumalehAdam JiumalehYil oldin

    Vili AfimeimoungaVili AfimeimoungaYil oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Felipe PastranaFelipe PastranaYil oldin
  • Dope shit man

    Zohann 035Zohann 035Yil oldin
  • Album was ass ain’t gonna cap

    MoneyMakMoneyMakYil oldin
  • Never heard of this nigga tell tec dissed em n im glad i never heard of him lmfaoo #SpiderGang

    Mace712BMace712BYil oldin
  • not his best performance

    Julio BañosJulio BañosYil oldin
    • Fr

      James WrightJames WrightYil oldin

  • legendary

  • Balling like a big shot

    Angel SuaveAngel SuaveYil oldin

    Malxolm EntertainmentMalxolm EntertainmentYil oldin
  • 💪🔥🔥

    Ke BangKe BangYil oldin
  • I like Gunna but this is terrible lol

    Bob RossBob RossYil oldin
  • Real Life Drip

    Oso BummyOso BummyYil oldin
  • shouldve performed richard millie plain

  • Like gunna better or baby

    YannisYannisYil oldin
  • Dat drip is so insane gonna fly as fuck n song fire

  • Did the producer sample that 8 mile song?

    usa kirausa kiraYil oldin
  • Nobody: Gunna:That’s drip

    RayrayRayrayYil oldin
  • *Gunna is fock*

  • I listen to some of his stuff,but he just bited off thugga,hes cool but sounds the same,boring,and bad stage presence, lil wayne is the best

    Tommy's TouchTommy's TouchYil oldin
  • What is this even about lol?makes no sense,if i make music i cant get myself to just say random words

    Tommy's TouchTommy's TouchYil oldin
    • What does that even mean? Im a huge hip hop fan,my whole life,i fuck with gunna,but some shit is just stupiddddd

      Tommy's TouchTommy's TouchYil oldin
    • of course it makes no sense to you tommy lmao

      Mason ArmandMason ArmandYil oldin
  • Killed that ! 🔥

    just my thoughts, enjoyjust my thoughts, enjoyYil oldin
  • First live of the year that actually is a live, amazing

    Aka RastaAka RastaYil oldin
  • Gunna is life🤗🔥🔥🏁

    Corduroy FentiCorduroy FentiYil oldin
  • drip baby

    Yrl PriinceYrl PriinceYil oldin
  • Ballin like big shaaaa

    David StevensDavid StevensYil oldin
  • That jacket tuff

    Jay GreenJay GreenYil oldin
  • Wow, he sounds nice live. His voice is crispy as fuck

    S BS BYil oldin
  • Será que sou único BR que curte Gunna ?

    DaniloDaniloYil oldin
  • I'm just getting started I got more goals🐍💚💯

    Unruly 241stUnruly 241stYil oldin
  • Gunna kill that shit!!!

    Thaj ReidThaj ReidYil oldin
  • He should’ve performed Baby Birkin

    Young JediYoung JediYil oldin
    • @Young Jedi hell yeah

      Hood NerdHood NerdYil oldin
    • The Wolf baby birkin a banger TBH

      Young JediYoung JediYil oldin
    • Watchu said

      Hood NerdHood NerdYil oldin
  • Song TRASH

    Kenyon MartinKenyon MartinYil oldin
  • Its not about lyrics but all about vibes and moods gunna doing good

    Aden BillsAden BillsYil oldin
  • Out the hood would of been 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • He miss the chance to do baby berkin but it is a tv show gota do good songz only

    ancient beatzancient beatzYil oldin
  • Wow gunna making big moves. To get on shows like this

    Dante 1017Dante 1017Yil oldin
  • What'd???? Look at Gunna!!!!

    Victoria HuntVictoria HuntYil oldin
  • You would never catch a sauce whatever tf up here 😂😂 this gunna year 💯

    David doeDavid doeYil oldin
    • Just Davo lmaoooo or Tec

      Marcus TannerMarcus TannerYil oldin
  • Good to see gunna on top where he needs to be💯💯💪🐍🐍

    Sport ShooterSport ShooterYil oldin
  • 🏄

    Geovanni STAR GAMESGeovanni STAR GAMESYil oldin
  • *-Who Else Loves JIMMY ❤👌-*

    Beautiful Vibe DynamicBeautiful Vibe DynamicYil oldin
  • 💓

    Beautiful Vibe DynamicBeautiful Vibe DynamicYil oldin
  • *-Who Else Likes The Video B4 Watching 🎶-*

    Beautiful Vibe DynamicBeautiful Vibe DynamicYil oldin
  • God bless your life Gunna

    AndréAndréYil oldin
  • Snap: Nooski067

    Dream ChaserDream ChaserYil oldin