Gunna - Big Shot [Official Video]

25-Fev, 2019
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Ghetto Guitar
Run that back, Turbo
I connected all the dots (Connected all the dots)
Pulled that foreign out the lot (That foreign out the lot)
Moved the family to the docks (Boondocks)
Put some diamonds in my watch (Diamonds in my watch)
Ballin' like a big shot
Ballin’ like a big shot, uh
Ballin' like a big shot, oh, oh
[Verse 1]
Businessman, I pop my collar (I pop my collar)
Got good brain, must be a scholar (Good brain, must be a scholar)
Spent 2K on Balmain joggers (Spent 2K on joggers)
Yeah, I'm jogging to the bank (Oh)
Captain of the ship and we won’t sink (We won't sink, nah)
Gave her a hundred, told her keep the change (Keep the change, nah)
Work hard, now we finally seein' a change (Seein' a change)
My brother's keeper, shit deeper than a chain (On God)
Just like Fendi, gotta think (She gotta think)
And I'm drippin' like a sink, yeah (Drippin' like a sink, yeah)
These VVS’s make you blink, yeah (Make you blink, yeah)
Oh, yeah
I connected all the dots (Connected all the dots)
Pulled that foreign out the lot (That foreign out the lot)
Moved the family to the docks (Boondocks)
Put some diamonds in my watch (Diamonds in my watch)
Ballin’ like a big shot
Ballin' like a big shot, uh
Ballin’ like a big shot, oh, oh
[Verse 2]
In LA smoking Do-Si-Do (Smokin' Do-Si-Do)
And I got Dolce on my clothes (Dolce Gabbana my clothes)
I still got homies on Flat Shoals (Homies on Flat Shoals)
I'm just getting started, I got more goals (Still got goals)
Lookin' for the pesos (For the pesos)
Would stay inside but the bank closed (But the bank closed)
Every time I turn around, I see a bankroll (Bankroll)
I used to get hand-me-downs, now ain’t a thing old (No)
All my day ones gettin' a payroll (Payroll)
When you show LA, I don't wanna shop on Rodeo (Rodeo)
If killing was dripping, Gunna, I had a case closed (Case closed)
Still independent, you can't name a nigga I owe (Nigga I owe)
I connected all the dots (Connected all the dots)
Pulled that foreign out the lot (That foreign out the lot)
Moved the family to the docks (Boondocks)
Put some diamonds in my watch (Diamonds in my watch)
Ballin' like a big shot
Ballin' like a big shot, uh
Ballin' like a big shot, oh, oh
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