Gunna - ROCKSTAR BIKERS & CHAINS [Official Audio]

21-May, 2020
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The official audio for Gunna’s “ROCKSTAR BIKERS & CHAINS” from his “WUNNA” album - Out Now!
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  • underrated

    BABA YAGABABA YAGA5 kun oldin
  • He has to be the most boring rapper, he does the same thing on every track

    Munashe ChigabaMunashe ChigabaOy oldin
  • It’s been 5 months n I think it’s clear this is Gunna’s best project since DS3

    AlphaAlphaOy oldin
  • the beat is MENTAL

    cuffahcuffahOy oldin
  • Power rangers

    Chuma KalunguChuma Kalungu2 oy oldin
  • I Know For Ah Fact I Done Played Dis Ah Million Times 😂

    Sadarius LawsonSadarius Lawson2 oy oldin
  • Fi dat gas up on the Harley wit Chrome Hearts on.

    Plim NaturePlim Nature2 oy oldin
  • HARDEST song on the album

    meliodasmeliodas3 oy oldin
  • that song wasn't a hit ?? why??

    Nick coolerNick cooler3 oy oldin
  • This really that cut fr💯

    IsntItTwubbsIsntItTwubbs3 oy oldin
  • Wheezy can’t be a real person right?

    Opp Pack SmokerOpp Pack Smoker3 oy oldin
  • Gunna deserves ATLEAST a Grammy nomination for this heat of an album

    Yashpreet VoladoddiYashpreet Voladoddi4 oy oldin
  • Kaioken X 100 💪👊🔥

    Bart SimpsonBart Simpson4 oy oldin

    Bart SimpsonBart Simpson4 oy oldin
  • So underrated

    Nicholas RadNicholas Rad4 oy oldin
  • Beat is harder than the vace that fell on my head🤕

    SKAMO-SKAMO-4 oy oldin
  • The Remix Should Be With Uzi

    MONROYMONROY4 oy oldin
  • He should have put lil uzi up here 🤦🏾‍♂️

    SaDaya HardySaDaya Hardy4 oy oldin
  • Wheezy hopped in his bag these past few years

    Tropical JayyyTropical Jayyy4 oy oldin
  • Da baby would of merked on a feature on this one 🔥

    Landon McfeeLandon Mcfee5 oy oldin
  • This song need a uzi feature fr tho he would slide on this beat 🔥

    Yung PoloYung Polo5 oy oldin
  • HARD ASF 😤

    Mr. LuLuMr. LuLu5 oy oldin
  • most slept on ♨️

    WrayWray5 oy oldin
  • Masteeerrrr

    GLD SNIP7GLD SNIP75 oy oldin
  • did wheezy produce the whole fucking album as well jesus christ

    Sebhu Buni1Sebhu Buni15 oy oldin
  • I need a uzi remix asap

    Jordan HunterJordan Hunter5 oy oldin
  • He really dropped an Uzi song without him 🙄

    keith walkerkeith walker5 oy oldin
  • Best song in the album 🥱

    Trents OnlineTrents Online5 oy oldin
  • sounds like they blowing through a mcdonalds plastic straw for the beat

    brhceybrhcey5 oy oldin

    RCG 18RCG 185 oy oldin

    Joker XTJoker XT5 oy oldin
  • i think i love her x gucci mane, all of rebirth wayne, hell even the weeknd in his trilogy-kissland days could utilize a mean guitar for a song.. gunna up there with some goats

    Darrian PittsDarrian Pitts5 oy oldin
  • Can we make this audio and the mv reach to 100 million views? I will be appreciated if it will.

    Yuri 25AYuri 25A5 oy oldin
  • I love the RWBY sample oh my god 😂

    EugenioEugenio5 oy oldin
  • All credits goes to wheezy outta here for this beat

    Toheeb AdeshinaToheeb Adeshina5 oy oldin
  • Gunna 🔥

    DANNY DDANNY D5 oy oldin
  • They got the sound when u kill someone on smite anyone else peep?😂

    Jayygotcash 7Jayygotcash 75 oy oldin
  • Uzi. Now.

    Sandra HSandra H5 oy oldin
  • ROoster Teeth WYA

    Vinyl ScratchVinyl Scratch6 oy oldin
  • Song go stupid

    Zak GriezmannZak Griezmann6 oy oldin
  • Damn, he made RWBY vol 4 intro as his sample?? I don't blame him tbh, let's just live is an amazing song!

    Daniella EllaDaniella Ella6 oy oldin
  • I want the fortune not fame: Run it up, go buy the Lam truck,the Porsche,the Rolls Royce, and the Bent, and the Range....

    Adolf AdolfAdolf Adolf6 oy oldin
  • Rwby theme music

    Javian GarrettJavian Garrett6 oy oldin
  • this is so fire frfr.

    chungus !chungus !6 oy oldin
  • UZI we want UZI

    Brianna BrittonBrianna Britton6 oy oldin
  • How does this song not have over 1m view ? Song goes dumb hard

    Kaiden O’ReillyKaiden O’Reilly6 oy oldin
  • This guy has more flow then running water

    Amir HAghiriAmir HAghiri6 oy oldin
  • Y el videoclip q paso por que lo borraron

    Mr jeanMr jean6 oy oldin
  • HENDRIXXXXX would have KILLED THIS BEAT don’t argue wit me 😤😤😤

    Ryheen MillerRyheen Miller6 oy oldin
  • CFC

    Sharnaye RaifordSharnaye Raiford6 oy oldin
  • What sample

    Cfc ratzCfc ratz6 oy oldin
  • JUice wrld would of killed this RIP to him

    India WashingtonIndia Washington6 oy oldin
  • That RWBY sample is flames 🔥🔥

    WrathianWrathian6 oy oldin
  • Is the beat a theme in Naruto ?

    Lana rhoadesLana rhoades6 oy oldin
  • Worst song on the album

    lil banslil bans6 oy oldin
  • What is the name of hat ?

    NawAkS LeGEndS xdxNawAkS LeGEndS xdx6 oy oldin
  • Wait this shit from rwby let's just live

    Juan SanchezJuan Sanchez6 oy oldin
  • I immediately wanted to riot after hearing this

    ʝαι愛ʝαι愛6 oy oldin
  • Good song.

    Courtney StricklandCourtney Strickland6 oy oldin

    Vlone ThugVlone Thug6 oy oldin
  • this man really sampled a rwby song, outstanding move

    misuzumisuzu6 oy oldin
  • Whezzy get out of fucking here with this one 🔥

    joeriem markjoeriem mark6 oy oldin
  • Fortnite should use make a Gunna character and use the one in the thumbnail

    Sharrieff VincentSharrieff Vincent6 oy oldin
  • God damn

    Kid XenoKid Xeno6 oy oldin
  • [Intro] (Wheezy outta here) Woo, woo Woo (Yeah) Woo Woo, woo Yeah [Chorus] Rockstar life, bikers and chains (Chains) One carat drip down my fang (Fang) Drugs runnin' deep through my vein (Woo) I’m takin' drugs, healin' the pain (Woo) Let the paint drip on my main (My main, woo) Let the paint drip, me and Wave (Wave, woo) I got more whips than a slave (Slave, woo) Huh, safety deposit at Chase (Yeah) [Verse 1] Copped the wrap on that bitch, got it matted (Yeah) They doubted, didn’t think it would happen (Yeah) Thank God that He blessed me with talent (Thank God, yeah) My new bitch I got, she done been in the pageant (Yeah) She sexy and so charismatic (Yeah, uh) I hope it's a bulletproof vest in that jacket (Yeah) I keep the drumstick like it's Madden (Yeah) (I keep the drumstick like it's Madden) In need of that cash like a addict (Addict, woo) Told her, "Pull up," and sent her the addy (Pull up, woo) Young GunWunna gon' keep him a baddie (Young Wunna, woo) I'm a rockstar and a god of the fashion (Uh, woo) Can't see you, these lights steady flashin' (Woo) Raised the bar for my niggas, now we livin’ legends (Wunna) Just look at how we livin’ lavish (Just look at how we livin' lavish) [Chorus] Rockstar life, bikers and chains (Chains) One carat drip down my fang (Fang) Drugs runnin’ deep through my vein (Woo) I'm takin' drugs, healin' the pain (Woo) Let the paint drip on my main (My main, woo) Let the paint drip, me and Wave (Wave, woo) I got more whips than a slave (Slave, woo) Huh, safety deposit at Chase (Yeah) [Verse 2] I want the fortune, not fame (Yeah) Run it up, go buy the Lamb’ truck (Uh) The Porsche, the Rolls Royce and the 'Vette and the Range ('Vette and the Range) Niggas don't play 'cause they know we gon' bust (Nah) We pull up, bullets rainin' like rain (Rain) They drip 'cause of us, they ain't keepin' up (Nah) I switch it up, leather jackets and chains (Woo) (I switch it up, leather jackets and chains) Uh, rockstar life, bikers and chains (Woo) Uh, you don't want smoke with the gang (Woo) F&N, spittin' out flames (Woo) Uh, I bring the heat like La Flame (Woo) Came from the south but I ain't Tity 2 Chainz Shady baby, born and raised (Yeah) I been puttin' on like way back in the day The price tag only thing that changed (Yeah) [Outro] Woo, woo Woo, yeah, yeah Woo Woo, woo

    Nathan AguayoNathan Aguayo6 oy oldin
  • Idk why this beat reminds me of the cartoon cyberchase that used to be on PBS kids

    James BellJames Bell6 oy oldin
    • gerizzyYMcrew just glad somebody else see the resemblance

      James BellJames Bell6 oy oldin
  • On God Uzi would choke slam this beat..

    Soggy ToastSoggy Toast6 oy oldin
  • This beat is so addicting

    FlappyFlappy6 oy oldin
  • This song goes hard🔥 I just want to sit back and rap to this.

    joel velezjoel velez6 oy oldin
  • Gunna ft Young Thug DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD [Official Video]

    LouiewrldLouiewrld6 oy oldin
  • Tha Beat Tho ! 😩🔥

    Kierra Nicole EdmondKierra Nicole Edmond6 oy oldin
  • Be honest: after watching that music video, you have another vision for this

    Bartty SkyBartty Sky6 oy oldin
  • this song is begging 4 a uzi feature

    young fuego sama 999young fuego sama 9996 oy oldin
  • idk if im trippin but im hearing RWBY lol

    Alyssa ZoletaAlyssa Zoleta6 oy oldin
  • That Rwby sample🔥🔥

    JarvonnnJarvonnn6 oy oldin
  • I think Gunna is much better than Key Glock, he is going viral without using *Authentic Views Com* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees👍

    micheal faradaymicheal faraday6 oy oldin
  • Uzi would snap on this

    Brittany AdamsonBrittany Adamson6 oy oldin
  • Lil keed should’ve been on this....

    Transluscent_DTransluscent_D6 oy oldin
  • Has a Lil Wayne/ Uzi feel to it 🤘🏾🔥

    Supreme CAĆSupreme CAĆ6 oy oldin

    King 805King 8056 oy oldin
  • Beat definitely the hardest of 2020 so far

    ZaydexZaydex6 oy oldin

    ÂbštråçtÂbštråçt6 oy oldin
  • Gunna lyrics sound familiar 🤔

    The Indie LinkThe Indie Link6 oy oldin
  • Ultra instinct unlocked

    Ghost Boi.CliqueGhost Boi.Clique6 oy oldin
  • Let’s Get Rich So We Can Leave Some For Our Kids & Family 💰💸

    RRBooman JonesRRBooman Jones6 oy oldin
  • Didnt gunna snitch on first 48?

    IanIan6 oy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Deion GriffinDeion Griffin6 oy oldin
  • So NOBODY, like NOBODY gonna talk about he sampled RWBY opening song??🔥🔥🔥 I thought I was tripping

    Ockward ClockOckward Clock6 oy oldin
    • Its the top comment

      22caliBeatz22caliBeatz4 oy oldin
  • highkey might be the best song on the album

    Azure The ParadoxAzure The Paradox6 oy oldin
  • Best rapper in the world and he has the best flow no cap 💯

    Kuaze GloKuaze Glo6 oy oldin
  • Man I swear I’ve heard that guitar part on dokkan battle. Somebody please hear what I’m hearing.

    brian wilkinsbrian wilkins6 oy oldin
    • RWBY Volume 4 intro

      The Dank OneThe Dank One6 oy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Sedrick GipsonSedrick Gipson6 oy oldin
  • Y’all can’t tell me this nigga don’t watch anime y’all hear the guitar in the back

    Leo sinLeo sin6 oy oldin
  • Whos bass blasting like hell🔥!

    Faze DonFaze Don6 oy oldin
  • Please gunna see this comment put uzi on this beat with you bro please for us

    TEE OTTOTEE OTTO6 oy oldin
  • This beat is fucking crazy, I cant even get past the first 15 seconds

    Gerard PettusGerard Pettus6 oy oldin
  • This nigga really sampled RWBY for the beat 😤😤🔥

    FoolyFooly6 oy oldin
  • Uzi where u at that’s u nbs 💯🔥

    K- SlimmK- Slimm6 oy oldin
  • damn he got that travis scott vocal effects at the end too...

    Soulless BeatzSoulless Beatz6 oy oldin
  • Need Uzi 🧙🏿‍♀️(baby pluto) & Future (Pluto Da Wzrd) 🧙🏿‍♂️on the Remix

    Frankie 4 EyesFrankie 4 Eyes6 oy oldin