Gunna - SKYBOX [Official Video]

5-Mar, 2020
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The official music video for Gunna's "SKYBOX" - Out Now!
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Executive Producer: Tara Razavi, Lucas Prevost
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Atares (Uh)
Gettin' high in the skybox, I can't see, yeah (See, yeah)
Hot spot and it's bust down, LSD, yeah (Yeah)
Smooth drive, hm, Gucci socks, yeah, I'm drippin' (Drippin')
Fuck the cops, we can't be stopped, just admit it
Hey (Hey), hey (Hey), hey (Hey)
Put some diamonds in Chrome Hearts lens
Bought a new Benz, lost more friends
Stretchin' my hands, money all in
Fuckin' her friend, Birkin bag
Hunnids and tens, countin' they hands
Trust in God thing, keep an FN
I gotta go (Go), I gotta spend
I just want both, I drive a 'Ghin
Ain't got no note, ain't got no ring
I am a GOAT, I am a man (Yeah)
We in the low, we smokin' dope (Ah)
We keep it close, you with the folks (Oh)
You want the dose (Uh), give him some dope
Lil' bitty ho, you already know (You know)
Bitch, we the top of this iceberg, the [?], you know that they copy you, woah (You, woah)
They cleanin', they moppin', these bitches, they hoppin', I couldn't fall out with it, bro
Uh, hotter than Turkey, I like it, I cop it, ain't nobody stoppin' the Ghost (Nobody stoppin' the Ghost)
Smoke Lodi Dodi, we sittin' in the lobby, we just rented out the whole floor, uh
Gettin' high in the skybox, I can't see, yeah (See, yeah)
Hot spot and it's bust down, LSD, yeah (Yeah)
Smooth drive, hm, Gucci socks, yeah, I'm drippin' (Drippin')
Fuck the cops, we can't be stopped, just admit it (Admit it)
Paint the time (Time), slime couldn't made it (Made it)
Bloodhound (Hound), cold heart Crippin' (Cold heart Crippin')
Best part (Yeah), we got all of us with it (Vibes)
Head start (Start), you can't catch yourself or get it (Yeah)
That's no cap, I'm in the 'Ghini (Ah)
It's really rap, this ain't a gimmick (Ah)
I had to trap, now I got plenty
I'm in a castle fuckin' a genie (Genie)
I popped the capsule, she wanna rock some (Ah)
I done got tackled, drunk on the Henny (Henny)
Turned to a savage, I had a handle (Woah)
I'm 'bout to smack 'em, both on the fanny (Fanny)
I put four twelves in the V12 (Ooh), my Benz truck started roar (Woah-woah)
She said she smell under well, well I wanna fuck, it don't matter (Uh-uh)
Bitch, I'm a shark, you not a whale, lean in my cup and my bladder
I got it on lock like I'm in jail, as soon as they buck, they gettin' splattered (Get splattered)
I'm at the drop and no, I cannot fly, comin' straight to the top like a ladder (A ladder)
Niggas play tough and they talk on the internet but they ain't ever gon' hit 'em
Uh, I took a loss and and they made me a boss, like I'm no better than them (Better than them)
They call just to [?] Biscotti, when I'm coughin', I'm trying to get higher than ever (High)
Gettin' high in the skybox, I can't see, yeah (See, yeah)
Hot spot and it's bust down, LSD, yeah (Yeah)
Smooth drive, hm, Gucci socks, yeah, I'm drippin' (Drippin')
Fuck the cops, we can't be stopped, just admit it (Admit it)
Paint the time (Time), slime couldn't made it (Made it)
Bloodhound (Hound), cold heart Crippin' (Cold heart Crippin')
Best part (Yeah), we got all of us with it (Vibes)
Head start (Start), you can't catch yourself or get it (Yeah)
℗ 2020 Young Stoner Life Records / 300 Entertainment


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  • Just did my Spotify 2020 recap and Skybox was my favorite song this year with Gunna being my 2nd favorite artist to Juice WRLD. Fucking amazing song!

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