Gunna - Who You Foolin [Official Audio]

21-Fev, 2019
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  • This beat gon’ cure c’rona... I spoke dat shit into existence for da culture. 🙏🏾

    Nico The Bay Clout ChampionNico The Bay Clout Champion14 soat oldin
  • How come this haven’t hit a million ?🤨

    Koldest TvKoldest Tv21 soat oldin
  • Beat so good. Flow not so much.

    svelementssvelements21 soat oldin
  • The beat:OH YEAH Gunna:hey they can't hear me >:(

    let me playlet me playKun oldin
  • No doubt this shit going to be in Shadow Warrior 3

    Isaias JuarezIsaias JuarezKun oldin
  • Who else gets strong kung fu panda vibez?

    Krišjānis ImmersKrišjānis Immers2 kun oldin
  • Quieter than nav on Yosemite 💀

    baboon 6baboon 62 kun oldin
  • maman n’as jamais porter mon gros cartable

    wowo2 kun oldin
  • Stfu 🤣🤣😂😂

    Aja RèAja Rè3 kun oldin
  • Am I in Konoha?

    Andrea TassinariAndrea Tassinari3 kun oldin
  • All of a sudden I feel like the dragon warrior

    Sleepy JoeSleepy Joe4 kun oldin
  • Pick and choose who the right one to trust, keep it real it’s a lot of fake love ❤️

    Karrington WilliamsKarrington Williams4 kun oldin
  • This the beat that turned Kung lao into lu kane from mortal combat

    Ruben DelatorreRuben Delatorre5 kun oldin
  • Samurai jack sound track 💯💯

    longlive hellboylonglive hellboy5 kun oldin
  • Asian Gunna version

    TheWraithxVNTheWraithxVN5 kun oldin
  • Wheezy out there!

    TheWraithxVNTheWraithxVN5 kun oldin
  • 2020 perfect trap

    prdsahkprdsahk5 kun oldin
  • Fucking love this man🔥🔥🔥

    Tsz Kwan CheungTsz Kwan Cheung6 kun oldin
  • 🐍🐍

    Shigeo KageyamaShigeo Kageyama6 kun oldin
  • Sometimes a gangsta need a hug 🔥💚

    Bedsi AmineBedsi Amine6 kun oldin
  • This song makes me want to buy a dragon 🐉

    Dahntae DelunaDahntae Deluna6 kun oldin
  • So this song got almost 14 million views, meanwhile 14 is a cursed number in some Asian countries...

    De LeMann YouTuberDe LeMann YouTuber7 kun oldin
  • Why this wasnt on my show

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki8 kun oldin
  • Maman mraser le coshi dans la baignoire Papa n'a jamais porter mon gros cartable Zola La Zone🐝💫

    Mouloud BeddarMouloud Beddar10 kun oldin
  • That Wonton Drip

    John RightJohn Right12 kun oldin
  • Dope beat Dope mix Dope voice from WAOWO 4LIfe ❄️🌎🦅

    Champagne SaqChampagne Saq12 kun oldin
  • Best Japanese artist! I can’t understand what he’s sayin but this shit fire! Lol

    G LG L12 kun oldin
  • Beat make me wanna grab my sword n 🛡

    jroc lordjroc lord12 kun oldin
  • Call me Aang in the tropics like Gunna I got the chopsticks

    Nic OsiagoNic Osiago13 kun oldin
  • I played this in the forest and all the animals gathered around peacefully

    UltraWaveUltraWave13 kun oldin
  • I forgot the name of this song so I just looked up “gunna oriental”

    i FXDG3i FXDG313 kun oldin
  • Ayo Naruto let go get yo chakra ready

    Trinity McManusTrinity McManus14 kun oldin
  • i love this song

    milo buildsmilo builds14 kun oldin
  • Beat makes me want to activate my sharingan

    Viktor HorvathViktor Horvath14 kun oldin
  • Gunna the only rapper who can walk on this beat

    Victor EsquivelVictor Esquivel15 kun oldin
  • Beat makes me wanna eat dog

    Daksh BoseDaksh Bose15 kun oldin
  • this beat makes my fox grow 9 tails

    Shrey KulkarniShrey Kulkarni15 kun oldin
  • I picture my self workin them nunchucks

    Arturo SaisArturo Sais15 kun oldin
  • This song makes me wanna do math

    Manuel VazquezManuel Vazquez19 kun oldin
  • Anyone knows where that japanese guitar sample comes from originally?

    LilMidgetoLilMidgeto20 kun oldin
    • @Ocinmelo thankyou!,

      LilMidgetoLilMidgeto17 kun oldin
    • Tong Li 童麗 [ ถงลี่ ] - 清泉收藏《童丽 对话·童丽与古筝 CD2

      OcinmeloOcinmelo17 kun oldin
  • Beat maek me shashumga

    moffrowmoffrow21 kun oldin
  • This beat makes me wanna become next sensei chuchin jujitsu ninja BELIEVE IT !!

    RILEEY CrawfordRILEEY Crawford21 kun oldin
  • It’s the beat for me

    Danielle HodgesDanielle Hodges22 kun oldin
    • Amen

      justin Romainjustin Romain16 kun oldin
  • Imagine flying a fighter jet at low altitude at hyper sonic speeds in london at 3 am in heavy rain while this is playing would that not be awesome you look down see all the neon lights and cars whiz by as well as the buildings the only light inside the cock pit is your sight and avionics you have your visor on your helmet flipped up looking down before pulling a high G turn and doing a low pass of the London bridge smiling

    endeavor 132endeavor 13222 kun oldin
  • I don’t think you understand how hard it is to rap on this beat without sounding like gunna, like try it.

    Lemon JuiceLemon Juice22 kun oldin
  • This what be playing when you walked in the Chinese buffet in New York

    Mario DerasMario Deras23 kun oldin
  • My boyfriend Vietnamese I told him this yo song lmfao

    Little Boss Girl JenLittle Boss Girl Jen24 kun oldin
  • This beat makes me feel like im showering in a golden bathtub in japan

    ShapiShapi24 kun oldin
  • this song gave me a sharingan

    MM24 kun oldin
  • No words for this masterpiece...

    Blue Got ItBlue Got It25 kun oldin
  • Village hidden in the land of drip

    Deep In ya momsDeep In ya moms25 kun oldin
  • Gunna for me is ==> 🐐

    DanielDaniel25 kun oldin
  • Drop da vid

    princelilsergiprincelilsergi26 kun oldin
  • This song makes me want to master the 4 elements

    JohnTheMemeGodJohnTheMemeGod26 kun oldin
  • this beat make me want to become the dragon warrior

    Chip CarterChip Carter26 kun oldin
  • This Some Fitgirl Repack Stuff

    Trap & BassTrap & Bass27 kun oldin
  • Instead the song should’ve said “Wu Yu Fu Ling”

    YDD & ATA GamingYDD & ATA Gaming27 kun oldin
  • This song make me focused af for some reason

    BloodyheadersBloodyheaders28 kun oldin
  • This song should be on naruto and boruto

    Noah WileyNoah Wiley29 kun oldin
  • I don't need no one vouching for me , i be flossing i aint talking bout my teeth!

    Ty_ MuayThaiTy_ MuayThai29 kun oldin
  • watch this tune go be an anime intro 🔥

    mr fathermr father29 kun oldin
  • They be bumpin this in the hidden cloud village

    Logan CampbellLogan CampbellOy oldin
  • My computer caught on fire daug

    andreas notarasandreas notarasOy oldin
  • This song make me wanna open up a Chinese restaurant and call it black China

    Damien CulbrethDamien CulbrethOy oldin
  • “Ima give all my problems a puff” I felt that on another level

    RiddledOhio1 RiddledOhio1RiddledOhio1 RiddledOhio1Oy oldin
  • This hit different on ghost of thushima

    Kahmari GreenKahmari GreenOy oldin
  • Need dis on takken

    brian barabinobrian barabinoOy oldin
  • Lmao i am from shanks

    Wind 01Wind 01Oy oldin
  • Its hard to hold a grudge...its pure and makes me want roll green and stay chill..when all else fails .then I play cooler than a bitch..lmao💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦☔☔☔🖤🖤🖤💫⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓

    Pisces Princesses Paranormal PlaygroundPisces Princesses Paranormal PlaygroundOy oldin
  • Bruce Lee about to rise back up for one final battle with this song playing 🔥🔥🔥

    Gemini_IHGemini_IHOy oldin
  • wheezy wave!!!!!!

    DJ NapDJ NapOy oldin
  • who you foo-ling

    GodderSZGodderSZOy oldin
  • Scrabik??

    Jacob PentecostJacob PentecostOy oldin
  • I jam to this while playing genshin and fighting bosses while feeling like a boss

    Nivic HerardNivic HerardOy oldin
  • This song always make me feel better 😊

    Karrington WilliamsKarrington WilliamsOy oldin
  • Ive joined cobra kai dojo after I listened to this

    Gal LeviGal LeviOy oldin
  • The homie: aye black ppl can’t make asian music Gunna: Hold my shrimp lo mien

    4k_bxndz [-]4k_bxndz [-]Oy oldin
  • I read drip or drown 2 and clicked so fast

    Alex RamirezAlex RamirezOy oldin
  • This beat sounds like iaan door prospect

    Sione ManuokafoaSione ManuokafoaOy oldin
  • The Asian dude singlehandedly finding both imposters in under a minute:

    moffrowmoffrowOy oldin
  • This shit hit like a spirit bomb

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto UzumakiOy oldin
  • gunna-san

    itsnotme dlxitsnotme dlxOy oldin
  • some times a gangsta need a hug

    Kenny MTDKenny MTDOy oldin
  • I was a fan, but now I'am an air conditioner

    My Favorite Producer Thirty TwoMy Favorite Producer Thirty TwoOy oldin
  • This song makes me wunna stand on top a random house with one foot eating spaghetti with chopsticks

    Edilson CardosoEdilson CardosoOy oldin
  • Beat wanna make me protect the leaf village 😅

    Riley HaydenRiley HaydenOy oldin
  • Kung fu hustle

    Jack HudsonJack HudsonOy oldin
  • Which is better? Like- Who you foolin Comment- Prospect

    VibeLord SupremeVibeLord SupremeOy oldin
  • When you unlock the rinnie sharigan:

    AsClaNZAsClaNZOy oldin
  • Sleeping dogs vibes

    okaepatokaepatOy oldin
  • Z ur:28,5 piggy ofhfhoxfrtjhhhrrcrhrchyrefers trrrrrrrhhrhrxfgxtyttj

    Malia YamadaMalia YamadaOy oldin
  • Most fire ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 no cap 👌

  • why gunna rapping like his parents are asleep

    mtsmtsOy oldin
  • my cat looks tasty when i heard this

    MiketyaMiketyaOy oldin
  • now im doing yoga

    PrincePrinceOy oldin
  • makes me wanna protect the village

    Mohammad BatuaMohammad BatuaOy oldin
  • makes me wanna protect the village

    Mohammad BatuaMohammad BatuaOy oldin
  • makes me wanna protect the village

    Mohammad BatuaMohammad BatuaOy oldin
  • makes me wanna protect the village

    Mohammad BatuaMohammad BatuaOy oldin
  • Made me feel like a samurai 💯

    Da EquationDa EquationOy oldin