Gunna - Yao Ming [Official Audio]

21-Fev, 2019
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  • Who the producer??

    Dharav ShuklaDharav Shukla14 kun oldin
  • so fkn fye🔥😭

    I JI JOy oldin
  • Yes you can yes you can yes you cannnn

    keke gileskeke gilesOy oldin
  • Yes you can don't pack no bag shop when u land

    keke gileskeke gilesOy oldin
  • Bed spread madusa head to match my draws amere pants belt arman dripping n aww

    keke gileskeke gilesOy oldin
  • vibes

    LaazrGamingLaazrGamingOy oldin
  • This song was waay ahead of time

    999 elly999 ellyOy oldin
  • This song deserves a music video bruh

    PactolusCPactolusCOy oldin
  • Impossible to not get this song stuck in your head

    804080402 oy oldin
  • gunnas music just sounds like fancy asf like it makes me wanna buy designer to this😺

    yeessirryeessirr2 oy oldin
  • Drip sound is too cold

    James 丘James 丘3 oy oldin
  • good song but why the hi hat panned to the left that's annoying

    oo donoo don4 oy oldin
    • It's the wave bro

      Zuri BrownZuri Brown2 oy oldin

    Stevie SlyStevie Sly5 oy oldin
  • Low key best song from the album

    oldboy never rich againoldboy never rich again5 oy oldin
  • *slap.*

    sevi‧sevi‧5 oy oldin
  • all the songs on the album are fire like when i get tired of one song i listen to all the other song shit is too fuoco 🔥

    Yung TarantinoYung Tarantino5 oy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Bam BamBam Bam5 oy oldin
  • Gunna make me wanna go swim to Japan and go shopping

    Cory TheTaurusTuber Est. 2000Cory TheTaurusTuber Est. 20006 oy oldin
  • We dont deserve this music🥵😤

    makesi cadoremakesi cadore6 oy oldin
  • 👇🥶

    Elzie BibbsElzie Bibbs6 oy oldin
  • I swear this man is on skis 🎿 ❄️ shit was so smooth

    Pedro TrejoPedro Trejo6 oy oldin
  • art

    Francisco LagosFrancisco Lagos6 oy oldin
  • yes u can, yes u can yes u can

    AbrahamAbraham6 oy oldin
  • When he said he asked God for forgiveness I felt that😇

    Tim PollockTim Pollock6 oy oldin
  • Dead ass feels like I’m under water

    Not EvanNot Evan7 oy oldin
  • Im waiting for the day this man dissapoints me!!

    BoyWithaWishBoyWithaWish8 oy oldin
  • This song makes me feel like Kylie Jenner in her beach thirst trap pics

    Lloyd HawthorneLloyd Hawthorne8 oy oldin
  • Yao ming better than yah mean

    Felipe OliveiraFelipe Oliveira8 oy oldin
  • hearing this fried wth ur bros in ur whip hits different

    Roni RobleroRoni Roblero8 oy oldin
  • This gives me shopping on Japan strip riding go carts vibes

    Austin ColemanAustin Coleman9 oy oldin
  • Yao ming means two things in Chinese. The first is the basketball player and the second means begging for your life

    ChoonguusChoonguus9 oy oldin
  • Yeah, yeah Yeah, uh Yao Ming, this money tall (This money tall) I just checked the stats, niggas still waitin' on me to fall (Fall) Bitch got drip like me, walkin' out in Louis leotard (Yeah) These Turbo Wheezy wave beats got me singin' to the top (Top) Bedspread (Spread), Medusa head matchin' my drawers (My drawers) Amiri pants (Pants), belt Hermès, drippin' it all (Drippin' it all) Goyard backpack stuffed with cash, I'm a young don (Don, don) Life's too fast (Fast), baby had to ask can she come (Come, uh) Yes you can (Yes you), yes you can, yes you can (Say it again) Yes you can (Huh), don't pack no bags, you can shop when you land (Shop when you land) Had to make grands, this is all God's plan, you shoot out the van (Shoot out the van) Went shoppin' in Japan Spent more than my show, brought Thugger back some pants (Brought Thugger back some pants) Yeah, amen (Amen) When I pulled up, plushed out Benz, feel like the world was in my hands (My hands) Thank God, forgave my sins, one of them nights he heard me prayin' You got my backend, I bend it off top, ain't no playin' (Uh) Every other day is a backend, people relate to what I'm sayin' (I'm sayin') On the plane, gotta take Xans (Take Xans) Drive the coupe, or the sedan (Sedan) Sent an invoice, what form of payment is you payin'? (What kind?) Take a wire, card or cash (Cash) You ain't got it, lil' nigga? Too bad (Too bad) Left the valet with the keys to the Jag (To the Jag) Aw, yeah, yeah Ridin' in the 'Rari, got a bitch like Kylie with long hair (Long hair) Couple of stars (Stars), to the party on Mars, yeah (Mars, yeah) 23 stories (Stories), talkin' from the top, at the bottom can't hear (At the bottom, can't hear) Love with these drugs, so a nigga can't feel (Can't feel) Show no fear (Fear) Comme des Garçons button-down, pick a tear (Yeah), hard sip Tell you when me suck Gunna like seas, this big drip (Drip), all lips (All lips) New whip, new bae, cute face, no waist (Yeah) All hips (All hips) Yao Ming, this money tall I just checked the stats, niggas still waitin' on me to fall Bitch got drip like me, walkin' out in Louis leotard (Louis leotard) These Turbo Wheezy wave beats got me singin' to the top (Top) Bedspread (Spread), Medusa head matchin' my drawers (My drawers) Amiri pants (Pants), belt Hermès, drippin' it all (Drippin' it all) Goyard backpack stuffed with cash, I'm a young don (Don, don) Life's too fast (Fast), baby had to ask can she come (Come, uh) Yes you can (Yes you), yes you can, yes you can (Say it again)

    Freddie CruzFreddie Cruz9 oy oldin
  • #snitchassbitch

  • Snitch ass bitch

  • 🔥🔥🔥

    6YGHTHANG9L6YGHTHANG9L10 oy oldin
  • Bro who else hear the water drippin in the background

    JRDAN AJJRDAN AJ10 oy oldin
  • Bro gunna going to be the next big thing

    Kyro_wKyro_w11 oy oldin
  • This beat so hard

    rodbanksrodbanks11 oy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    rodbanksrodbanks11 oy oldin
  • New whip, new bae, cute face, no waist All hips 🔥🔥

    Orignaldom502Orignaldom50211 oy oldin
  • My left ear loved those hi hats

    • LUIOFFICIAL AUDIO thought it were my fake AirPods lol

      Kings Moses AkeyKings Moses Akey9 oy oldin
  • whos been here since ysl??

    Giovanni MartinezGiovanni MartinezYil oldin
  • Fuck disslikes from turkey🇹🇷

    MisterTvMisterTvYil oldin
  • this song got an atlantis vibe🔹

  • For by grace are you SAVED through FAITH not of yourselves It is the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast. *REMEMBER*

    Troopa OCTroopa OCYil oldin
  • 11/19 ??

    Jabzuki OrstabJabzuki OrstabYil oldin
  • shit the hardestttt

    Malik HillMalik HillYil oldin
  • This beat talks to me

    FG.JakeeyyFG.JakeeyyYil oldin
  • Yao ming

    Trillamatt.140Trillamatt.140Yil oldin
  • this album lifted me up at the beginning of summer 2019 when I was super down...,.., just amazing music .., and I"m back up again in a real way

    kris pringlezkris pringlezYil oldin
  • his whole album should be #1 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Mikia CalMikia CalYil oldin
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    Zoe BanksZoe BanksYil oldin
  • FUTURE CLASSIC 🔥 🔥 One of the hits I Play to introduce Gunna to the New Jacks 😱🤯🤭🤗

    luisito1273luisito1273Yil oldin
    • instant classic amongst gunna's discography, beat so killer

      J ΩJ ΩYil oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    YoungBaby Boy6YoungBaby Boy6Yil oldin
  • Money sittin tall yao ming -playboi carti

    Mike RichMike RichYil oldin
  • i dont like the hihats panned all the way to the left

    ChromeNitroChromeNitroYil oldin
    • @Farouk Ezzeddini who cares its distracting af

      ChromeNitroChromeNitro5 oy oldin
    • not all the way tho

      Farouk EzzeddiniFarouk Ezzeddini5 oy oldin
    • ye highhats should def be more centered unless you have two different hihats playing at the same time really

      CuesHQCuesHQ7 oy oldin
  • How many brands u gona say in 1 song 👀 like a female rapper

    lil banslil bansYil oldin
  • When he said *”功夫东非应用”* That Hit me😔

    UziUziYil oldin
  • Whoever made this beat is a god

    DM DownTownDM DownTownYil oldin
  • What sample is this??

    ApexxApexxYil oldin
  • Gunna🔥

    Slatt BusinessSlatt BusinessYil oldin
  • Gunna music make me wanna spend the rent money on some balenciagas

    Eternal DestineeEternal DestineeYil oldin
  • This is a vibe

    CharismxticCharismxticYil oldin
  • Still 🔥💯

    K ThegodinfinityK ThegodinfinityYil oldin
  • This song makes wanna fly to Tokyo

    Marquis PattersonMarquis PattersonYil oldin
  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Miguel BonillaMiguel BonillaYil oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Miguel BonillaMiguel BonillaYil oldin
  • *Carti has left the chat*

    Nolan DavisNolan DavisYil oldin
  • This track makes want to put shaq back in his place

  • Gunna so sick, favourite album of the year so far

    PliquePliqueYil oldin
  • Pure mumble tbh

    Lil Hungry HippoLil Hungry HippoYil oldin
  • where the video at?!

    456 beats456 beatsYil oldin
  • Yo fam where’s nav at someone explain dawg

    Brahmjit JosanBrahmjit JosanYil oldin
  • @0:40 Dont pack no bags, you can shop when you laaaand !!

    Levente BerryLevente BerryYil oldin
  • Thank God forgave my sins one of them nights he heard me praying 🙏🏽

    Darius DenardDarius DenardYil oldin
    • Darius Denard 😭🙏🏾🙏🏾

      Samson GirmaSamson GirmaYil oldin
  • He needs a duo album with young Thug

    lil Migslil MigsYil oldin
  • Aww mane dis kold #RunDatBakTurbo

    Nathaniel AllenNathaniel AllenYil oldin
  • Don't pack no bags you shop when you land 🔥🔥🔥

    Zion PersaudZion PersaudYil oldin
    • best part fr

      Levente BerryLevente BerryYil oldin
  • Thug wrote this 🤔

    Re llRe llYil oldin
  • hi hats on my left ear

    Purpp KiddPurpp KiddYil oldin
  • *they call me yao ming cause my eyes hang down low*

    jaygamingjaygamingYil oldin
  • gonna use this for a yao ming highlight video

    LiL RussoLiL RussoYil oldin

    MackeyMackeyYil oldin
  • Vesace my pants, damn im da man Eyes low, like im frm japan 2 many bytches goes crazy, needa cat scan lol

    Nathaniel AllenNathaniel AllenYil oldin
  • like this

  • Yao Ming this money talks❗️

    Trevy MTrevy MYil oldin
  • Anybody care for lyrics 😂

    Ivy LinxIvy LinxYil oldin
  • played this around my dog now he a wolf on bs 😂💦✊

    Carolyn TaylorCarolyn TaylorYil oldin
  • I played this song around my cat 🐈 .. now he’s a tiger 🐯 🔥🔥

    Beast MODEBeast MODEYil oldin
    • @Zaidz you under my comment shut up pussy

      Beast MODEBeast MODE27 kun oldin
    • @Beast MODE never cared

      ZaidzZaidz27 kun oldin
    • @Zaidz lol hater

      Beast MODEBeast MODE28 kun oldin
    • corny

      ZaidzZaidz28 kun oldin
  • Jheeeze feeling this🔥🔥

    Rcxlokii LeicesterRcxlokii LeicesterYil oldin
  • Lounge Trap...that's the style of Gunna...Coffe House Trap...smoothe gun bustin rocking Gucci's pimpin dimes shit...

    David SDavid SYil oldin
  • 1:22 that flow is so satisfying ..

    Outlaw TvOutlaw TvYil oldin
  • Yao Ming thing money tall

    OrbitXOOrbitXOYil oldin
  • This beat make you do that scrunch face 🐍🔥🔥🥶

    d mild milYil oldin
  • This money tall

    emiremirYil oldin
  • U gotta have money to really like gunna and feel what he talks about

    !?!?Yil oldin
    • nah cause im broke af and this shit go hard af

      CuesHQCuesHQ7 oy oldin
    • Bro I always say this bro great minds think alike!

      Trey TrippinTrey Trippin8 oy oldin
    • Explain

      Marcus SierraMarcus Sierra8 oy oldin
  • people commenting shit about Japan is straight up retarded

    Carl JohnsonCarl JohnsonYil oldin

    TheCodeTheCodeYil oldin
  • That “Yahh” at the beginning of the song🥴

    Amir RysalievAmir RysalievYil oldin
  • This is art not rap, it’s fashion for the ear

    J QJ QYil oldin
    • Comment more

      keke gileskeke gilesOy oldin
    • link link link he went ham on wunna wym

      Cameron FranklinCameron Franklin4 oy oldin

      link link linklink link link5 oy oldin
    • Facts

      Cory TheTaurusTuber Est. 2000Cory TheTaurusTuber Est. 20006 oy oldin
    • That’s Gunna in general, not just this song

      dro mtldro mtl6 oy oldin